In the west direction, there are mountains, and there is a project called Window Mountain, which I will describe later.

The buildings are in different heights and colors. Some are big, others are small. But most of the builings are not higher than 6 storeys. The buildings have different usages.

The roads are narrow, 2m to be exact, and 4m including the green spaces.

There are also several forests in the downtown area, making the city more beautiful.

The city has 4 areas: The island on the mouth of the river, the area near the port, the center area of the city and the south area. If Window Mountain is included, there are 5 areas.

 A port and a village included in the urban area. The port is near the river and has tower cranes. The village is on the island of river mouth and it has been involved and well integrated into the style of the whole city. Because the ship route is obstructed by the village, I also create a canal to ensure that the port works.

A  4-windmill tower is in the center area, surrounded by a group of small houses.

 In the south area, there are new-styled houses arranged in regular, it’s a new try. The houses are divided into groups, and each group has its own green space. There is also a natural rift valley in this area, and I reserve the valley, making it a scenery spot.

The south area also has some parks.

Window Mountain is a project inside the west mountain builded from 2019.11 to 2020.3. When the project ended, there are many paved paths and rooms inside the mountain, like a huge maze. The Window Mountain has many entries, and there are many interesting things in this mountain. Every room inside the mountain is equipped well with interior. When looking at it from the distance, it appears very  spectacular, seeming that there are many windows appearing on the mountain’s surface, so called Window Mountain. It is just like changing a mountain to a big city. I think that it is the most important scenery spot.


1. Baixiquan city