Batman Arkham Add-on (The Batman Update)

ID: 26976

This extension introduces the iconic vigilante, Batman, into your personal Minecraft world, along with a selection of both his adversaries and allies. Given Batman’s extensive rogues’ gallery, I’ve included a few of his notable foes. I hope you all have a great time!

Kryptonite weapons:

Incredibly potent! This sword made of kryptonite dispatches foes with just one or two strikes, while also bestowing certain enhancements upon you, rendering you exceptionally formidable against any opponent.



Bruce Wayne’s butler is available for trading valuable items, although he may not be particularly impressive in character.


Batman’s loyal companion, equipped with a sturdy iron sword, is ready to assist you in combating crime with his impressive strength.

Red hood: 

He also helps you to fight. He has a pistol and can shoot far enough.

Batman Beyond:

Despite being a good individual and the grandson of Batman, he tends to display some aggression, indiscriminately striking anyone, even his fellow sidekicks, due to his origin from the future. He responds with hostility towards players who harm him.


Batgirl is here to join the sidekicks. She is similar to other sidekicks.


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