Bow Auto-Aim (Add-On) [v1.11+]

ID: 472

Easily and conveniently shoot anyone with Bow Auto-Aim add-on. Auto-Aim any mobs from 5-36 blocks of range. This add-on also features color coding of your target. Follow the color coding to enhance and precisely charge your bow to increase your chance of hitting your target!

created by: r4isen1920

pack version: v1.4

Auto-Aiming Usage

  • Trigger Auto-Aim: Sneak whilst charging your Bow. Once done, your camera movement will be adjusted automatically. While in this state, you can’t also be able to move. No animals were harmed! These are all players.. in a mascot.
  • Auto-Aim Range: The auto aim can anticipate targets of up to 36 blocks away, and as near as 5 blocks from your current position in-game. Creative visualization. These cows were released after, and lived!
  1. Green Target: 4-11 blocks. Near.
  2. Yellow Target: 12-19 blocks. Far.
  3. Red Target: 19-36 blocks. Very Far.

Bow Focus

  • Description: charge the bow for a long time to activate Bow Focus. This will allow you to deal damage on your next following hits momentarilly. Bow Focus needs to rechargecfor a few seconds after its usage.

Color Coding

  • Description: Color coding is a way to help you how far the entity is from your current position in-game. This also helps you to know how much you will need to charge your Bow to precisely hit your target.
  • Color Indicator: The indicators will be displayed once the Auto-Aim add-on anticipated its target. It is visible to your screen, just above your hotbar.


1. Bow-Auto-Aim-BP