Cda’s Morph [BETA]

ID: 26700

This Add-on is currently in its BETA phase, so it may contain some bugs.

Cda’s Morph Add-on brings the popular Morph Mod from Java Edition to Bedrock Edition. It currently supports all mobs listed on Minecraft Gamepedia, except for the Ender Dragon. You can transform into various mobs using items that can be crafted or obtained by defeating mobs.

This add-on allows you to assume the form of any mob. It provides you with a total of 71 different mob morph items that you can use for transformation, along with an item to revert to your regular player form.

Please note that starting from version 0.0.7, the process of using the morph items has changed. Previously, you would simply use the item, typically by right-clicking. Now, you need to hold the item while sneaking and jumping simultaneously.

Additionally, there is one Work in Progress (WIP) mob, which is the Ender Dragon.


1. Cdasmorphv0