De Kraft table mod for Minecraft PE

ID: 18651

As always, it seems to us that something is missing in MCPE …

So, this mod will make you take your words back!


This modification adds a De-crafting table to our favorite game – a table that returns you the resources spent on crafting such items as:

All armor (except leather and chain mail)
All tools (except wooden)


This table is crafted as follows

4 blocks of quartz
4 blocks of obsidian
1 workbench


To “de-craft” items, click on the De-craft table


Download the mod itself
Open the folder with the downloaded file
Click on the mod file. Soon, installation will begin in the game itself
Everything, the mod is installed. Enjoy the game 😉

You can download the Mod to the De-craft table for Minecraft PE using the button below 🙂


1. Uncrafting-table-addon-1