As of v.1.0.3, if you would like to have the old Drowned Villager model instead of the updated one in your world, you can do so by activating the Old Model Patch resource pack that comes with the new files you downloaded. You must have the patch resource pack loaded on top of the new resource pack in order for it to properly replace the new model 🙂

How do Drowned Villagers spawn?

They will rarely spawn underwater over normal Drowned, 95% chance for Drowned and 5% chance for Drowned Villagers.

They will also spawn once a Zombie Villager has drowned, just like that of a normal Zombie drowning and becoming a Drowned. Professions and Levels do not carry over, therefore they are not able to be cured once drowned.

Do they behave differently to normal Drowned

No. Drowned Villagers act the exact same as normal Drowned. It is intended this way because Zombie Villagers act the same as Zombies just with the added ability for you to be able to cure them back to normal Villagers.

They do, however, rarely drop Emeralds instead of Gold Ingots (as of v1.0.3), obviously because they are, or rather were, Villagers.

Are there any other additions or changes made with this addon?

The only other things this addon modifies are the behavior files for Zombie Villagers and the spawn rules for Drowned:

  • I added new variables that are the same variables from Zombie behavior files, in order for Zombie Villagers to be able to turn to Drowned Villagers the same way Zombies turn to Drowned.
  • Drowned spawn rules where changed so that they could spawn with a chance of either being normal or being Drowned Villagers.


There was once a bustling Village here. Now it is a cracked, and mossy ruin. The old, zombified residents seem to still feel connected with it.

The surface dwellers are not so welcoming when it comes to meeting the old residents.

Drowned Villager against a Zombie Villager.

Drowned Villagers can glow just like normal Drowned.

(alpha) Profession: Monster. Skills: Good at being a nuisance to deep divers.

(alpha) Drowned Villagers can spawn with Tridents in their main hand.

(alpha) They also don’t like surface dwellers at night…

(alpha) Not this Villager’s greatest night.

(alpha) Zombie Villagers will begin to shake when they stay underwater for too long. This is how they change.

(alpha) Drowned Villagers can 


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