Dubstep Guns Mod

ID: 19619

Are you a fan of dubstep and enjoy explosive guns? Great! Here’s the Dubstep Guns Mod. After activating a gun dubstep music will start playing and every few seconds explosions will appear before you eyes killing anything in it’s surroundings (even yourself if you aren’t careful).

As you enter the game you will notice a new button on the right side of the screen. It’s the button which is used to activate a gun. But it obviously requires that you’ve crafted the guns or obtained them through the inventory in creative mode.

Whenever the ACTIVATE button is pressed a dubstep song will repeatedly be played. If you are holding the Dubstep Gun or Dubstep Cannon it will also cause explosions every 1-2 seconds.

You will not be protected by the explosions so you either need to wear very good armor to not die or be in creative mode to shield yourself from the explosions.


1. Dubstepguns