This add-on is based on the Ender Archer Friend Add-on but this one adds a few different mobs and features. The new mobs included are the Air Girl, Ice Girl, Flame Boy and Ice Spider. Each of the new mobs have a unique set of skills and can be tamed and used as your loyal protector. They are certainly very useful if you like to go on great adventures but need some extra protection.

How does it work?

You can tame any of the new mobs by either feeding them some snowballs, coal or sweet berries (depending on the mob). The Ice Girl, Flame Boy and Air Girl act as guards when tamed and will protect you to their best ability. The Ice Spider is also tameable but that mob can be used as a rideable mount. You can find a list further down on this page which goes into more detail about each mob and their features.

Mob Features

  • Fire Boy
    • 80/100 HP
    • Melee attack with an enchanted gold sword
    • Pet: Mini Blaze
    • Tameable with coal
    • Feedable with coal
    • Immune to fire
    • Spawn in nether and desert
  • Ice Girl
    • 80/100 HP
    • Melee attack with a diamond sword
    • Pet: Ice Spider
    • Tameable with snowballs
    • Feedable with snowballs
    • Spawn in snow biomes
  • Ice Spider
    • 50-69 HP
    • Throws snowballs and uses melee attack
    • Tameable with snowballs
    • Rideable if tamed
    • Spawn in snow biomes
  • Mini Blaze


                     Throws smallfireballs and uses melee attack

  • Air Girl

                    80/100 HP

                    Ranged attack with bow

                    Pet: Parrot white

                    Tameable with sweet berries

                    Feedable with cookie and sweet berries

                    Spawn in taiga biome

  • Parrot white

                    20/40 HP


1. Elementalf bh


2. Elementalf rp