Elemental Sword Weapon Mod for Minecraft PE

ID: 18727

Missing a very cool weapon?

Mod weapon “Swords of the Elements” for MCPE – will solve this problem!

This modification adds 4 types of brand new swords to our favorite game

Bone sword

4 points of damage

0.12 Player Speed ​​Boost

Fire sword

14 points of damage

Player Speed ​​Boost at 0.105

Immunity to fire and lava, holding a sword in his hands

Sword of thunder

5 points of damage

Increases player size slightly

Generates a bolt of lightning

Bang sword

8 единиц урона

Используется как лук

Требует “Порох Крипера” как боеприпасы

8 points of damage

Used as a bow

Requires “Creeper Gunpowder” as ammo

Download the mod itself
Open the folder with the downloaded file
Click on the mod file. Soon, installation will begin in the game itself
Everything, the mod is installed. Enjoy the game 😉
Download Mod for weapons “Elemental Swords” for Minecraft PE by the button below 🙂


1. Ultimate-sword-behavior