Advanced Processing

ID: 28834

This add-on may cause lag, so use it cautiously

This add-on is compatible with version 1.20.10, but it may stop working after the next update

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Advanced Processing Machinery

Advanced Processing Machinery (APM for short) is an add-on that enhances crafting machinery in Minecraft. It has been built from scratch using the scripting API to create more efficient machines.

This add-on introduces 7 new machines, 1 additional ore, and 5 unique types of stone.

Getting Started

Before you begin using the add-on, you need to find Aluminium Ore.

Aluminium is a newly added ore that is required for crafting 2 recipes.

You can find Aluminium Ore between y 0 and y 20 in the core of chunks.

Machinery and You

The add-on includes a book that contains all the information about the machinery. It’s designed to be easily accessible and give you all the details you need.

To craft the book, follow this recipe:

Machine Casings

Machine casings are essential for crafting the 7 machines in this add-on. The higher the tier of the machine, the more complex the casing becomes.


This mod introduces 5 new mineral stones that can yield larger amounts of certain ores.

These minerals, from left to right, are:

Hematite: When smelted, it gives you iron. It can be found in all biomes between -50 and 110.

Sylvanite and Calaverite: When smelted, they yield gold. Sylvanite can be found in warm or rare biomes between 110 and 0, while Calaverite can be found between 0 and -50.

Malachite and Azurite: When smelted, they give you copper. Malachite can be found in cold biomes between 110 and 0, while Azurite can be found between 0 and -50.

The Machines

This add-on includes 7 machines with distinctive designs:

Decomposer: Formerly known as the fertilizer, it turns plants into bonemeal.

Sawmill: Provides a higher yield of planks compared to regular crafting.

Melter: Melts armor and tools into their respective ores, currently supporting gold and iron.

Macerator: Duplicates ores by macerating them and can also macerate cobblestone to obtain quartz.

Washer: Duplicates macerated ores into pulverized ores and can turn sand into gold nuggets and quartz.

Igneous Extruder: Generates blocks based on 2-3 inputs.

Chute: Transfers entire stacks from the top container to the bottom container.

Other Information

When you remove machines, they do not drop any loot, so make sure to take out any items before removing the machine.

The progress bar item is included for animation purposes only, do not pick it up.

If you accidentally pick up the progress bar item, you can right click or use it to clear it.

All machines will automatically draw items from containers above them and deposit them into containers below them.

Chutes and machines do not directly work with each other, so use a container between them.


Any resemblance to other machine add-ons on this site is purely coincidental. If you have any issues, please contact me, and I will make the necessary changes.

Multiple machines in this add-on were inspired by Java mods. If any modders find any issues, please reach out to me, and I will make the appropriate changes.

This is a basic machinery/technology mod that adds machines to help you gather resources more efficiently, increase wood and ore yields, and automate material gathering.

Download and install the addon to experience its features.


Added 3 new machines: Sawmill, Washer, and Macerator.

Introduced 1 new ore: Aluminium.

Included various new items.


Added 2 new machines: Igneous Extruder and Chute.

Added 5 new minerals: Hematite, Azurite, Malachite, Calaverite, and Sylvanite.

Revamped the machinery book with more pages.

Each machine now has its own dedicated page.

Optimized the code for better performance.

Added sounds to all machines.

Added support for Spanish language.

The add-on had to be renamed due to its previous unoriginal name. We hope this name change is more suitable.

Minecraft versions: 1.20.10