We are a server plugin module based in China. If you are from another country, please use the accelerator link server. Our server is designed to be harmonious, stable, fair, and free. We do not collect any property from our players. We operate as a public welfare server, and we have a daily active rate of 10+ and a weekend active rate of 25+. We warmly welcome new friends to join us.

Explore the vast world of Minecraft, where there are abundant resources and exciting adventures. Our server provides a safe and enjoyable survival experience with a wide range of plugins and modules. In your spare time, you can also engage in PVP battles.

Recently, our server has undergone some changes, and we have a new domain name and port. We invite you to join us and experience the fun of Minecraft.

Welcome everyone to join and play on our server.

Supported Minecraft version: 1.19.80