This server offers additional features that will enhance your gameplay experience. These features include Graves, which prevent you from losing all your items upon death, TPA for easy teleportation to your friends, Land claims to protect your base, an Anti-cheat system, and other quality of life addons.


  1. No Harassment
    Harassment such as arguments, spawn killing, racism, sexism, homophobia, and false denigration is not allowed.
  2. No cheating
    Cheating is strictly prohibited as it ruins the fun for everyone.
  3. Respect claimed bases
    Do not destroy bases that have been claimed by other players. Exploiting the claim system to grief a base is also not allowed. However, in unclaimed wilderness areas, you are free to do as you please as long as you follow the rules.
  4. Follow the Discord and Minecraft EULA
    Ensure that you comply with the rules stated in the Discord server and Minecraft’s End User License Agreement to maintain a positive and legal environment.

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Your support is greatly appreciated as it allows us to focus on improving the server instead of worrying about server costs.

Important notes:

– If your base was griefed and it wasn’t claimed, we cannot provide any sanctions.

– If you believe you have been unfairly punished, please contact one of the Admins or Owners on the Discord server and present your case.

– Although this server supports Bedrock edition, it utilizes Java mechanics, so bedrock edition farms may not work as efficiently.

– Most importantly: Have fun!


land claims wiki:

We plan to introduce custom features such as new dimensions and bosses in the near future.


The surrounding lands around spawn:

There is plenty to explore around spawn:

Cheesus Crust!!

The spawn island:

Access the map (dynmap) at

Claim your land using a golden hoe.

Learn more about land claims here on the FLAN land claims wiki.

We hope you enjoy your time on the server. If you have any questions or requests, feel free to join our Discord server or leave a comment.

The Treehouse SMP Season 3 is a cross-platform Vanilla+ server with land claims. It has a friendly community, and there is no tolerance for hacking or cheating. As long as you follow the rules, you are free to explore and have fun on the server. Join today!
Join the Discord server here. Updated to 1.20!

  • Updated to 1.20, so make sure you have the compatible versions.
  • Added a warning about Java edition mechanics.


Supported Minecraft versions: 1.20.10, 1.20.1, 1.20.0