Explosive Skyfight is with explosives in the sky.  It runs only with command blocks and structure blocks. This took about 1 hour of command work, 8 hours of bug fixing, and 3 hours of building. Enjoy and feel free to leave bug reports, ideas on how to improve, and any questions about how to play, how I made it, etc…

Attack your enemies using the TNT, land mines, and fire charges. Escape from certain death with the firework booster.

How to use special items:

use the special items by throwing them on the ground (in item form). Fire charge will turn into a landmine marked by some particles, TNT items will turn into lit TNT, and fireworks will boost you high in the air and hopefully far from danger (fireworks can be activated by throwing or placing)

There are 3 maps included that you can select from the maps menu:

Maps menu^

Ruins^ the post-apocalyptic map which results in the longest, most interesting games

Grid^ a challenging map with lots of parkour from the start

Micro^ a small map for short games

The menu area has a start button that can be used to start games but you can also just jump through the walls of spawn to start

All of this runs out of a large command block structure: 

Minecraft has problems every now and then with repeating command blocks that are on for long periods of time. There is a command system to detect and usually address these issues but you may be asked to reset the command blocks. Go into creative and fly to the top of the command brick and click this reset button:Select version for changelog:  1.0.1 Changelog

– Descriptions are now more descriptive and highlight everything in the map properly

– Added more pictures


you may experience lag due to the amount of command blocks if you are on an especially low end device or phone.


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