Introducing the Killer Mincer Block! An OP Block that could mince entities hilariously. this was inspired by the mod “Villager Mincer” but this mincer can mince other entities! this was made for fun. 

How to use:

To make a mincer you will need

Iron Ingot x6, Redstone x1, Gunpowder x1

heres the crafting recipe:

The machine will not work if you only place one. you also need to place a mincer on the top of the mincer! 

Now it should work!

the machine will suck entities that fits in it! when mobs are being grinded they also extract entities’ XP

Also if you dont want the gore you can put on the goreless resource pack next to the main resource pack. 

CREATOR’S NOTE: If you want to put this add-on in your youtube videos please put the original link in the desc, Don’t put adfly links just so you will earn, that disrespects the creator! 

Future Updates:

– You can pass through limitations by modifying the mincer with commands

– Improved EffectsSelect version for changelog:  1.0.2 1.0.1 Changelog

– updated the download THINGY so it won’t be blocked again.


Just click the download link below.  Have Fun! 


1. Killermincer-addon-by-jtartz