LeGend’s UI Pack – Final Update

ID: 26766

LeGend’s UI Pack is designed to enhance the Vanilla UI, offering additional buttons and toggle-able shortcuts. This UI pack is exclusively compatible with texture packs and comes with a toggle panel. Please note that the extra toggles and buttons are specifically designed for mobile players, providing them with certain advantages. PC players may also find it beneficial. Let’s delve into the pack’s details, as it represents a significant improvement over my previous UI. Give it a try, as it can greatly enhance your gameplay experience.


Custom Start Screen- 

Added F1 and F8 buttons.

F1 Button: Hides/Shows all the GUI like Moving buttons and Pause Buttons etc. 

F8 Button: Hides/Shows the Paper doll in the left corner which is the small character in the top left. 

Added two left and right buttons for hot bar.

If you don’t like these many buttons, No worry they can be on/off. Click the ender pearl to open the toggles panel!


1. Legends ui packv1