This add-on adds 5 new food items and a total of 7 new items to the game-these food items act like a normal food item but also give the player potion effects , Each ice cream when consumed adds to ur food bar but also have their own unique player effect EG, invisibility, speed, night vision etc.This add-on makes it easier to gain potion effects due it’s recipes whilst having the bonus of refilling your hunger.

There are 5 NEW Ice Creams

Ice Cream:

This acts as the base for all the other IceCreams as it is needed to craft the other IceCreams.

It also has the effect of regeneration


Mint Ice Cream:

The mint Ice cream has a exquisite taste made by adding lime dye to the ice Cream^

It give you the effect of regeneration


It also gives you lightning fast speeds


Choc Ice Cream:

The chic ice cream is a fan favourite and a all round tasty icecream

It gives you the effect of regeneration


It also gives you the effect night vision


Gapple Ice Cream:

Yes u are thinking correctly this is a hybrid of the golden Apple and the ice-cream

Gives you regeneration


Gives you invisibility


Strawberry Ice Cream:

This is made from the finest strawberries found on this planet

Gives you regeneration


Gives you fire resistance


2 NEW items


A item added into the game which is needed to make the IceCream

Recipe is: 3 bread on the bottom row and 3 eggs in the middle row


Another item which is put into the crafting table with the cone which combine to make the icecream.

Recipe is 3 sugars on the top row and a mil bucket in the middle


Ice creams:the cone and the cream

Mint Ice cream:ice cream and lime dye

Choc Ice cream:ice cream and brown dye

Gapple Ice cream:ice cream and golden Apple

Strawberry ice cream:ice cream and red dye




1. Magic ice cream