Map: Hordes of zombies (apocalypse)

ID: 22849

Zombie Apocalypse map is designed for those who want to survive in the zombie apocalypse with their friends in Minecraft. There are 13 game modes available and support for up to 40 players . The build offers a user interface, 3D weapons, a chainsaw, custom music, and a host of other things.

To get items, you need to kill zombies and earn experience, which buy things.

Zombie Apocalypse Lobby

Host system

  • The owner of the world will become the host
  • It can set different settings
  • He will also receive an item to remove bugs
  • The host must control the number of users: no more than 40 players
Host system

Game launch menu

  • As soon as one player enters, the countdown to the start of the game will begin
  • You can set your readiness in the personal menu
  • The host can make a survey on the readiness of the players
  • Only those who pressed the ready button will enter the game
Game launch menu

Personal menu

  • Learn more about zombie types here.
Personal menu


  • For experience, blocks of lapis lazuli and diamonds, you can buy amplifiers, abilities, weapons and armor
  • There will be 2 shops in the lobby as there will be a lot of players
  • There is an issue that prevents two players from opening the menu at the same time, so you will have to wait
Shop Menu

Buying things

  • The duck can exchange armor
Buying things from a duck
Menu for buying things from a duck

War between players and zombies

  • The better the smartphone and the Internet, the easier it will be to survive
War between players and zombies


  • Pretty brutal but very cool
Killing zombies with a chainsaw

Game Modes

  • 11 game modes to choose from
  • 4 types with endless hordes
  • Zone Hold: You need to capture 5 zones. The more players in the zone, the faster the point is taken
Game Modes
  • Apocalypse: The more zombies you kill, the more experience you get. Chainsaw kills do not count.
Killing zombies with a cannon
  • Nightmare mode: similar to the apocalypse, but at times more difficult
Nightmare Mode
  • Ghost Town: Constant influx of zombies, no experience, and zombies are always buffed. You will never notice the approach of enemies
ghost town
  • Radioactive city: an eerie sight
radioactive city
  • Johnny: chainsaw will work against you
Johnny boss
  • Bobby: An extremely dangerous enemy that deals 32 damage on hit
Bobby boss
  • Zombie Totem: Similar to Apocalypse, but zombies are always buffed
Zombie Totem
  • Village Defender: Protect the villager and heal with golden apples
village protector
  • Endless mode: 3 types of levels and a constant influx of zombies


  • Sewerage
  • Ruin
  • Village


1. Apocalypse map v1 1 1 by juliusscizzor