Mermaid Craft Addon

ID: 26417

Have you ever fantasized about transforming into a mermaid within the Minecraft universe? This addon introduces 11 enchanting mermaid crowns (along with a stylish shark fin) to enhance your gaming experience. When you equip one of these crowns, it may not immediately appear significant, but when you take a plunge into the depths of the sea, you’ll uncover your newfound mermaid tail and gain access to underwater abilities such as night vision and water breathing!

Pictured above are six of the twelve fish tails!

Crafting these crowns and fins is a breeze; you’ll need a straightforward recipe comprising iron nuggets, a scute, and various dyes. Alternatively, you can locate them in the hat section of your creative inventory or obtain them via the /function command.

Pictured here is a mermaid crown when the player is out of water!

Pictured here is the transformation when the player get in the water!

The tail moves beautifully in the water!

For a full demo, see the review by Redred Aesthetic on YT!

We hope you enjoy this addon like we loved making it!!!


Make sure to enable experimental features and install both the resource and behavior packs! While there haven’t been any reported issues with recent versions, testing has been somewhat limited, so please don’t hesitate to inform me of any problems you encounter!


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