Minecraft Memebots is an addon that introduces 20 new AI bots known as Nextbots. These bots actively pursue and engage players, including characters like Quandale Dingle, Obunga, The Nerd Emoji, IShowSpeed, and more. This concept draws inspiration from GMOD maps with a similar theme.

These nine distinct Memebots embody ironic memes from the current decade, ranging from Quandale Dingle to the Nerd Emoji, offering a humorous experience.

Moreover, there is a small chance for these Memebots to spontaneously appear in the game world, adding an element of unpredictability and fun to your Minecraft adventures.

(As seen in the wild, encountering an NFT Memebot left the cameraman in shock, overwhelmed by the discovery.)

(Here is a wild Gigachad, The cameraman felt so motivated that they decided to apply for a gym membership.)


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