Simple, beautiful and elegant are adjectives that are always applied to IKEA furniture. The scenery from this store is so popular that the author of the Hyva Furniture mod decided to create an add-on based on them. Now you can decorate your houses, rooms and other structures with new types of furniture in Minecraft . The assembly contains more than 100 types of furniture, including:

  • Air conditioner
  • Coffee table
  • Table lamp
  • Lamp
  • Gaming PC
  • IKEA tables
  • 7 color options for sofas
  • Office chair
  • Cupboard
  • TV with different channels
  • Books, globe, trophies and other little things
  • Bushes in pots

office chairs

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Seven types of office chairs
Types of chairs
Chair options in the game

Flowers in pots

Six types of flowers in pots


Six types of chairs


Sofas in various colors
Types of sofas

Gaming computers

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gaming computer
Gaming computers
4 types of computers


Types of curtains

Family dinner table

Family dinner table

Different types of beds

Different types of beds
Player on the bed

Screenshots of using furniture

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Living room example
Living room with kitchen
White, upgraded bathroom
Dark blue player room style
TV with speakers in the living room
Dining room with large table
Turning lights on and off
Opening and closing the refrigerator
Change column color
Opening and closing cans
Opening and closing shelves
Use of furniture inventory
Opening a faucet
Lamp off
Use of the microwave
food on the stove
Trash in the game
Changing channels on the TV
Adding cutlery to the table
Changing block colors
Interaction with curtains
Chair color change
Changing the color of the bed

Retrieving items
To take furniture, you need to write the /give command, for example, /give @s hf:ikeatable . Also, things can be obtained in a stone cutter, but for this you will have to spend a whole gold ingot.

Stonecutter additions
Obtaining furniture in a stone cutter

Custom blocks in creative inventory

Custom blocks in creative inventory
Various blocks in the creative inventory

magic pen

Craft magic pen