Do you want to create real trains, but at the same time not deviate from the style of Minecraft? Then you need to use the trolleys and wagons that the MineCars mod will provide . The add -on introduces carts with various functions and wagons that can be chained to the carts themselves. This is a real industrial revolution in the game.

All types of trolleys

A total of 5 new trolleys and 7 types of wagons will appear. Please note that minecarts, like wagons, can be moved without the use of rails. This means that there will be a full-fledged transport.

For refueling, fuel is used: coal, lava, etc. The better the fuel, the longer the trolley will work.

Refueling of trolleys


  • Repaired with iron ingots
  • Can be tied with a leash
  • Can tie standard trolleys
  • Tilt depending on terrain
Traveling on a trolley

In addition, there is a special breakdown animation.

Minecart destruction animation

Regular cart

  • Title: Reliant
  • Father of all carts
Regular cart
Regular craft cart

Trolley with a lantern

  • Title: Lumine
  • Dynamic lighting that can be turned on and off (needs to crouch)

1 of 3

Trolley with a lantern
Trolley with a lantern
Trolley with a craft lantern

Trolley with a shovel-thorn

  • Title: Rammer
  • Deal Damage on Approach: 2.5 units per tick
  • Mobs can get stuck in spikes and take damage all the time when hit at high speed
  • Mobs leave a blood stain that can be washed away in water
  • The best vehicle for base defense
  • It is not recommended to ram creepers

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Trolley with a shovel-thorn
pointed shovel
Craft trolley with spiked shovel
Ramming Creepers with Minecart

Minecart with a chest

  • Title: Chestnut
  • There is a chest
  • The chest cannot be emptied with a funnel
  • Better than a donkey
Minecart with a chest
Minecart with craft chest

Trolley with a drill

  • Title: Groundbreaker
  • Large drill for mining materials
  • Harder blocks (stone) are destroyed more slowly than simple ones (dirt, sand)
  • Does not destroy obsidian, bedrock or diamond ore
  • Deals Damage: 3 per second
  • There is a cooldown after breaking solid blocks for 12 seconds: 5 seconds cooldown

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Trolley overheating
drilling head
Minecart with craft drill

Craft classic cart

  • Changed the craft of a regular trolley
Wheel set
Craft classic cart

If you want to make carts even more useful, you can attach wagons to them. Please note that you can only attach wagons once, after which they can only be used separately.


  • 1 seat
Passenger car craft

chest wagon

  • Have inventory
chest wagon
Chest wagon craft

Double chest wagon

  • There is a double inventory
Double chest wagon
Craft double chest wagon

Wagon with a funnel

  • There is a funnel
Wagon with a funnel
Kraft funnel wagon

Wagon with TNT

  • There is TNT
  • Explodes from fall damage, fire, or explosions around
Wagon with TNT
Wagon with TNT craft

Flatbed car

  • 2 passenger seats
  • Can be expanded or collapsed
Flatbed car
Kraft flatbed wagon

Moving wagons

  • If the trolley goes far from the wagon, the wagon will teleport to it
  • It is not recommended to create long chains of wagons
Moving wagons
Train from trolley and wagons


1. Minecars bp


2. Minecars rp