The Time Bomb mod adds to Minecraft PE the ability to place a bomb with a delayed launch: it detonates only after a specified time. Such weapons can be actively used in various adventures and quests for Minecraft PE. If you change your mind about making an explosion, then the kit includes a redstone tool for neutralization.

Time bomb mcpe 1

How it works?

  • OS / Android: A little redstone in the active slot, long press on the bomb itself, and then on the “Activate Bomb” button.
  • Windows 10: Right Click on a Bomb.

Please note that a bomb disarmed with the help of scissors will never be active again, because you damage the mechanism itself.

Time bomb mcpe 2

The projectile detonates when the timer expires.

Time bomb mcpe 3

The bomb timer refreshes every 10 seconds.

Time bomb mcpe 4


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