We continue the series of beautiful, rare cars for Minecraft users. The author of this series of additions is very fond of vintage cars that were once very popular. This time he presented us with a Triumph Spitfire MK.4 mod the car brand of the same name. We will not go into the details of history: we only note that the model appeared long before us. Even our parents were born later than this transport appeared. In the game, the car received 5 colors and the ability to flip the top. The black

Black Spitfire


Blue Spitfire


Green Spitfire


Red Spitfire


White Spitfire


Spitfire without top

Rear part

Spitfire from behind

Back without top

Spitfire rear topless


Spitfire from the inside
How to open the doors and fold down the top?Open doors with normal interaction, and to close them you also need to crouch

To put or remove the top, you need to press crouch and interact with the car while the doors are closed


1. Triumph-spitfire-mk4-mobile-1