Scientists are working on a secret, experimental virus called Maracia Z. The work has been going on for many years. And as it usually happens, an unforeseen situation happened in the laboratory: the virus broke free and infected the entire Minecraft world . What will you do in this case and will you be able to save the world? The answer can be found out only after installing the Classified Project Z Marakia .

The add-on introduces new types of armor, backpack, ammo, weapons and many decorative mobs. There will also be new types of monsters.


  • Gives 10 defense
Three types of armor


  • M16
  • Shotgun
  • Mosin
  • r7000
  • Thompson

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Weapon crafting
Shooting from firearms

decorative blocks

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Useful blocks
Spooky decorations and barrels
Various blocks

Types of zombies

  • Sun immunity, increased strength and speed
Several types of zombies

Explosive barrels

  • Blue barrel – 2 units of explosion power
  • Green barrel – 4 units of explosion power
  • Yellow barrel – 8 units of explosion power
  • Red Barrel – 16 blast power
  • Black Barrel – 32 blast power
Explosive barrels
stone structure


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2. Zmarakyia-b-1