Ninja Weapons Addon for Minecraft PE – the ninja weapon is now in your pocket!

ID: 17816

Have you ever thought about what will happen if you add a ninja to Minecraft? No? Well then, you’ll find out now 🙂


Bad ninja

He is your opponent, from whom you must defend and fight. He attacks Residents, Player and Good Ninjas. They use shurikens and drop Coins.

Health: 20

Damage: 3

Good ninja

He is your ally, he attacks the “Bad Ninjas” and protects you from monsters. You can hire them using Coins.

Health: 20

Damage: 3

Ninja Resident

He is your ally. He attacks the Bad Ninjas, but cannot be hired. You can trade with it by exchanging coins for various weapons.

Health: 30

Damage: 3




Damage – 16

Golden Katana

Damage – 18 + 2x Attack Speed

Diamond katana

Damage – 22 + 2x Attack Speed


Damage – 3


Damage – 18 + 2x Attack Speed


Used for trading

Addon Presentation

And you can download the addon from the button below 🙂


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