Pirate Add-on Update Version 1.5

ID: 26462

Have you ever fantasized about becoming a pirate? Embarking on epic adventures across the open ocean aboard grand vessels, wielding a flintlock pistol to engage in swashbuckling battles, or engaging in cutlass duels with skeletal pirates? If so, this add-on has you covered.

This add-on introduces a wide range of additions, ranging from a brand-new sword to entire ships that you can utilize. Let’s begin with the ships themselves. Three distinct ship categories have been introduced, each featuring over six unique variants. Additionally, a plethora of pirate-themed mobs, such as pirates, bounty hunters, and imperials, have been included to enhance your pirate experience.

Among these new ships, there is even a raft option, which offers a diverse range of variants. See the screenshots for a glimpse of these exciting additions.

A raft is a compact yet sturdy watercraft capable of accommodating only one person, yet it boasts a storage capacity of 12 compartments.

Recipe to make:


Screenshot with multiple variants:

Essentially, an improved iteration of the basic Minecraft boat, designed to accommodate two passengers without storage capability, and with enhanced user-friendliness.

Recipe to make (just replaced it with wood variants you want) 


1. Pirateadd-beh

2. Pirateadd-res