Rainbow Lucky Blocks

ID: 20562

This Lucky block Addon adds new swords, enemies, structures, bosses like Herobrine and much more. By breaking the Rainbow Lucky block, more than 300 different things can come out, among them magic swords with special abilities, magic orbs, new foods, and many other items.

–Rainbow Lucky block

-The original Lucky Block was also added, but it will only be available to create the Rainbow lucky block, if you want to be able to use the yellow lucky block click here.


The rainbow lucky block adds various structures such as the giant chest, desert temple, magic temples with special functions, giant potion bottles, villager’s house and more that you will have to discover yourself.


The rainbow lucky block adds various bosses and enemies like the bomberman skeleton that will throw explosive arrows to the ground, the joey rainbow skeleton, the living blocks, the mini-bosses like the giant zombie with the head of Ghast, the giant magma cube, the Trolling Bob and a boss named Herobrine, the most powerful of all.


By breaking the lucky block of the rainbow you can get many special elements such as magic swords with special powers such as freezing enemies, setting them on fire, sending them flying, special staffs that shoot lightning or create crystal paths to walk through the air, magical orbs that they give potion effects, some foods, a medical kit that heals your life instantly and more.

The rainbow gem was also added, this gem can be found by breaking the rainbow ore that is generated in infinite worlds below world height Y-15.

Rainbow tools and the rainbow sword of course were also added.

-Activate the options “Holiday Creator Features” and “Creation of Custom Biomes” for the correct functioning of the addon.


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