Rex Sword Addon 50+ Swords

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hello I’m Mr rex royal and this is my first addon, rex swords adds 50 new swords in its game and to organize them better i created a tier system

 tier 1 the weakest and simplest swords in the addon
 tier 2 swords made with tougher materials and simple skills
 tier 3 strong swords with powerful abilities but nothing too     
  tier 4 are the most powerful swords in the addon with powerful skills but with a harder craft

tnt sword

tnt sword tier 3 when using it gives resistance and fire resistance and explodes cool

neon sword

neon sword tier 2 a simple sword when using ita gains the easy night vision effect!

lightning sword

tier 4 lightning sword one of my favorite swords when using there summons a lightning bolt and gives the resistance and fire resistance effect

coal sword

Level 2 Coal Sword The sword is not useful in combat and has very poor durability, but when using it summons a torch, the luminous stone sword also has this ability.

nether sword

nether sword tier 4 when using it a ray is summoned and all the blocks around will be transformed into nether blocks it transforms grass and stone in netherrac water in lava sand in soulsand maybe i add more blocks in v2

fire sword

fire sword tier 3 when using it gains the fire resistance effect and puts fire simple and cool

midas sword

midas sword tier 3 by using this sword turn iron ore and iron block into gold and it is also a good sword to use in combat

fly sword

fly sword tier 3 when using it you are teleported to the sky and receive the slow fall effect an important detail is that it will teleport you to that same height no matter which layer you are being an easy way out of caves

slime sword

slime sword tier 2 when you use it you get the simple jump boost effect

rainbow sword

 rainbow sword tier 3 a sword with the most complex craft because using other swords when using it gains several positive effects

zombie/witch sword

zombie sword and witch sword both tier 3 using turns villagers into zombie or witch depending on the sword

life sword

life sword tier 3 when using la doubles player life this extra life is enough (to compare) to withstand a creeper explosion without dying

bat sword

bat sword tier 2 uses it to summon several bats and gives you the night vision effect and the best makes you feel like batman

storn sword

storm sword tier 3 when using this sword you summon a temporary storm

water sword

water sword tier 1 a simple sword when using there a water source

nether star sword

nether star sword tier 4 no skill anymore with high damage and drivability

end sword

end sword tier 4 by using it it turns all the grass blocks in the area into end blocks with it you can bring the end to the overword

golen sword

golem sword tier 4 the sword makes you strong and tough as an iron golen but slows you down as an iron golen

and even more

stick sword

paper sword

obsidian sword

these are just a few examples of some simpler swords present in this addon

all swords present in this addon are craftable and therefore can be obtained in survival mode

There are also dye swords they only have a use to craft other more powerful swords!

almost a double chest of swords

here is a complete list of all the addon’s swords

netherrack sword              deepslate sword
 redstone sword                  desert sword
 copper sword                      tnt sword
 paper sword                         golem sword
 emerald sword                     grass sword
 obsidian sword                     snow sword
 fly sword                               lazuli sword
 phanton sword                     farm sword
 life sword                               miner sword
 amethyst sword                    slime sword
 lightning sword                      black sword
 water sword                            green sword
 stick sword                              white sword
 nether sword                           glass sword
 fire sword                                  bat sword 
 glowstone sword                        nether star sword
 stone sword                                 zombie sword
 end sword                                     witch sword
 coal sword                                   rainbow sword
 leaves sword                                 banbu sword
 milk sword                                      storn sword
  lava sword                                      prismarine sword
  creeper sword                                brow sword


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