Oddly enough, it took so long for the mod with warheads to appear in Minecraft PE, but Missile quickly corrected the situation. The creators immediately warn about the presence of several bugs, but promise to fix them in the near future.

Missile (Development Version 1) mcpe 1

This warhead is the most powerful of all that are presented in Minecraft PE. To hover it, you will need to place the marker in the desired location.

Missile (Development Version 1) mcpe 2

Once the marker is in place, use the lever on the warhead itself to launch it. The scale of the destruction is amazing.

Missile (Development Version 1) mcpe 3

A homing warhead is aimed using the / tag (player name) command. She will either kill her victim, or leave her with a minimum amount of health.

Missile (Development Version 1) mcpe 4


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