Shaders: AziFy

ID: 23106

Shaders , unlike textures, are created with only one purpose: to give the player the most beautiful appearance of Minecraft. The AziFy add -on is no different from other builds and also offers you better graphics . At the same time, the add-on is designed even for weak devices, so that players on weak devices can also make the game more beautiful and enjoyable.


  • Unique sunrise and sunset
  • Sunrise and sunset reflection
  • Direct light from light sources
  • Glowing ore blocks
  • rustling plants
  • Water fluctuations
  • vibrations under water
  • Removing fog underwater and in the Nether
  • Bright color palette
  • thicker clouds

4 out of 13

dense tree foliage
Nature next to the sea
Fallen tree in the forest
Desert and forest next to the river
Sunset near the mountains
Dawn on the horizon
Twilight in the game
Night falls in the forest
Glowing ore blocks
Glowing ore in the cave
View of dark, lush caves
Illuminated Lush Cave
Bright lush cave


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