Sieves Add-on

ID: 19182

Do you want to experience one of the mods from the java edition of Minecraft? Well this add-on adds the Sieve mod into the game with a twist. Hope you guys enjoy!

    This add-on adds 4 sieves and 5 new items into the game. The sieves has a tier system and every tier the drop rate of the loot increases.The first tier is the silk then gold,iron and diamond. In order to upgrade the tiers you need to make appropriate mesh for each tiers. To have the first tier you need the silk mesh and if you want to upgrade the next tier which is the gold you need the gold mesh but in order to craft the gold mesh you would need the silk mesh.

Here are the sieve and mesh recipes:

I have also added a new add-on which I will be using for every add-on that I will make the OmniTools add-on (you can download it below).

How can I use the sieve?

  1. Craft the sieve base
  2. Right Click/Hold screen while holding the base
  3. It should be place under you now craft a mesh and right click/interact with it on the base.

How can I break the sieve base?

Right Click/interact with it using the the breaker item included in the OmniTool add-on to break it.

Here are the drops when you sieve a block:

If you have a suggestion what the drops should be comment down below 🙂


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