Siren Add-on v.2

ID: 26476

The Siren Add-on introduces mermaids into your world and also introduces a new underwater treasure structure that spawns in the ocean. This update includes three new mermaid skins and various enhancements, along with several bug fixes.

There are three variants

Mermaids can be found in the deep ocean biome, typically between heights 0 and 50. They are somewhat elusive, emitting a song audible from a distance of over 50 blocks. These creatures are highly aggressive, attacking any nearby fish and pursuing you if you come within 32 blocks of them. They inflict 5 points of damage and are exceptionally swift in water. Surprisingly, mermaids are also capable of breathing outside of water.

Siren Temple

The Siren Temple is a unique structure that generates in the deep ocean biome. Inside, you’ll discover a chest filled with valuable treasures. Within this structure, a mermaid guards her treasure, ensuring that it is not pilfered.


1. Siren-addon-r

2. Siren-addon-b