Skibidi toilet vs Cameraman v1.02

ID: 26502

This addon introduces a variety of characters from the Skibidi Toilet universe. The newly included characters encompass Skibidi Toilet, Police Skibidi Toilet, Steve Skibidi Toilet, Mutant Skibidi Toilet, Spider Skibidi Toilet, Angel Skibidi Toilet, Hydra Toilet, Triple Giant Skibidi Toilet, Cameraman, Plunger Cameraman, Speakerman, TVman, TVwoman, and Purple Skibidi.

Expect more characters to be added in future updates for your enjoyment!

The Skibidi Toilets are considered hostile mobs that will engage players, cameramen, speakermen, and TVmen in combat.

On the other hand, Cameramen, Speakermen, and TVmen will actively counterattack Skibidi Toilets.

Additionally, some Skibidi Toilets, TVmen, Cameramen, and Speakermen have the potential to spawn naturally within your world.

skibidi toilet:


1. Skibidi toilet vs cameraman