In Minecraft PE, playgrounds created specifically for the game of hide and seek are rare. SpongeBob The Movie was designed specifically for this.

Spongebob the movie mcpe 1
Spongebob the movie mcpe 2

Having immersed yourself in the world of Minecraft PE, you immediately find yourself in the theater, after which you can walk through it and find a way into the world where some of the characters of the popular cartoon live. However, you first need to choose a role. To do this, stand on the platform: those who received the diamond bibs should hide, and those who received the gold ones should seek.

Spongebob the movie mcpe 3

As you might have guessed, playing SpongeBob The Movie alone will be incredibly boring. Fortunately, we each have friends, so create your own small MCPE server and extinguish them. It is important that everyone plays for the first time, because if you know where everyone is hiding, interest will disappear.


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