Squid Game Rampage – Mod for Squid Game

ID: 22732

Mod Squid Game Rampage will add heroes from the famous TV series ” Squid Game ” to the game. In particular, the killer doll from the first game, guards and game participants will appear. The creator of the modification has prepared a lot of content for the players.

Guards dressed in pink suits will attack characters in green uniforms. The task is to hide in a safe place, but not everyone will succeed. By the way, the doll also attacks the surviving players and throws fireballs at them.

To spawn characters from the Squid Game mod, you must use Creative Mode. As a bonus, the developer added a huge tree.

Download the Squid Game Rampage mod is recommended for those who want to diversify the gameplay, add spice and action to it. You have to really try hard to survive.


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