Star Wars Jedi Legend Addon

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Used to make armors. You can find it in most of the minecraft biomes between layer 0 and 50

It will give you Raw Plastoid which you can cook to get Plastoid and make your favorite armor with it, or make Plastoid Blocks you can use as decoration.


A mineral with high resistance, used to make weapons and armors. Usually found in desert and mesa biomes from layer 0 to 30. It will drop you a Beskar Scrap.

With 6 Beskar Scraps you can make a Beskar Ingot. You can them to craft Beskar Blocks, armors, and weapons

With 3 Beskar Scraps and 3 Iron Nuggets you can craft an Alloy Ingot, it has less resistance, but it will help you craft different armors and Alloy Blocks which you can use as decoration.

Kyber Ore:

Exclusive of cold and frozen biomes. It can be found between layer 0 and 20. There’s a probability of 1:27 items for you to get an Inactive Kyber Crystal, the main piece to craft a Lightsaber

Kyber Crystals found in Kyber Ores can’t be used to craft Red Lightsabers, for that we’ll need a different type of Kyber Crystal!!!


Jedi Weapons:

We can craft all these weapons if we’ve the necessary Kyber Crystal and the necessary items for it.

In order to choose the color of your Kyber Crystal, put it on the Stonecutter. Be wise, as you won’t be able to change its color. 

The only color you won’t be able to choose is red, as this type of Kyber Crystals are obtained in a totally different way!!!

If you already got your Kyber Crystal you’ll need to craft the rest of the pieces of a Lightsaber to get it.

There are 4 basic items we’re gonna use for several crafts needed for a Lightsaber:


Wiring Board

Circuit Board

Compressed Glass

Lightsaber Pieces’ Craft: (Depending on the type of lightsaber you’re gonna craft is the pieces you’re gonna need)


Activation Board

Security Switch

Issuing Matrix

Lens Assembly

Energy Cell

Power Conduit

Recharge Socket

Long Handle (Used exclusively for Lightsaber Pikes and Double Lightsabers)

Once we have all the necessary elements to craft a lightsaber we can put them on our crafting table and finally get our weapon depending on which we want.

Normal Lightsaber Craft

Double Lightsaber Craft

Lightsaber Pike Craft

All types of lightsabers have a damage of 30, and will add a heart to your health bar.

Normal Lightsabers have a durability of 6000Lightsaber Pikes and Double Lightsabers have a durability of 6200

Sith Weapons:

In order to make lightsabers with the characteristic red color of the siths we’ll need to craft an Artificial Kyber Crystal

Using a Compressed Glass item, 4 Diamonds, and 2 Netherite Scraps we’ll get a Reinforced Crystal.

With it and using 4 Diamond Blocks4 Compressed Crystals, and 2 Netherite Ingots, we’ll get an Inactive Crystal.

To finally get an Artificial Kyber Crystal we’ll need to use 4 Blaze Rods, and 4 Blaze Powder Items with our previously crafted Inactive Crystal.

Once we’ve an Inactive Crystal we can craft the different types of Red Lightsabers using the same recipes used for Jedi Weapons.

The recipe of the Destroyer’s Lightsaber is the next one:


Sand Dye Recipe:

Reinforced Leather Recipe:

Mandalorian Armors

Using Beskar Ingots get Mando’s Armor

Helmet: Durability 500 and Defense 5

Boots: Durability 700 and Defense 5

Leggings: Durability 900 and Defense 8

Chestplate: Durability 1000 and Defense 8

(Repairable with Beskar Ingots)

Using Alloy Ingots we get Jango’s Armor

Helmet: Durability 400 and Defense 4

Boots: Durability 600 and Defense 4

Leggings: Durability 800 and Defense 7

Chestplate: Durability 900 and Defense 7

(Repairable with Alloy Ingots)

Using the next recipes we get Boba’s Armor.

(Same Durability and Defense Values of Jango’s Armor.)

(Repairable with Alloy Ingots)

Using White Dye up and below each piece of Jango’s Armor we get the Prototype Armor.  

(Same Durability and Defense Values of Jango’s Armor.)

(Repairable with Alloy Ingots)

Using Alloy Ingots and Gold Ingots we get the Clan Wren Armor

Helmet: Durability 300 and Defense 3

Boots: Durability 500 and Defense 3

Leggings: Durability 700 and Defense 6

Chestplate: Durability 800 and Defense 6

(Repairable with Alloy Ingots)

Using Alloy Ingots along with Blue Dye and White Dye we can get the Clan Kryze Armor

(Same Durability and Defense Values of Clan Wren Armor)

(Repairable with Alloy Ingots)

Using Alloy IngotsRedstone, and Yellow Dye we get the Maul’s Death Watch Armor

(Same Durability and Defense Values of Clan Wren Armor)

(Repairable with Alloy Ingots)

Using Death Alloy IngotsCian Dye, and Purple Dye, we get the Death Watch Armor

(Same Durability and Defense Values of Clan Wren Armor)

(Repairable with Alloy Ingots)


Clone Armors

Using Plastoid we can craft the Clone Armor 

Boots and Helmet: Defense: 2, Durability 200

Chestplate and Leggings: Defense 5, Durability 250

(Repairable with Plastoid)

Using Plastoid and Reinforced Leather with a Clone Armor we get the Soldier Armor

Boots and Helmet: Defense: 3, Durability 250

Chestplate and Leggings: Defense 6, Durability 300

(Repairable with Plastoid)

Putting the Soldier Armor in a Stonecutter we can get the ARC Trooper variant of the armor

(Same Durability and Defense Values of a Soldier Armor)

(Repairable with Plastoid)

Using Red, Blue, Grey, Orange, Black, Brown, and Yellow Dye, up and below a piece of armor,we can craft the main different Legions and Battalions Armors

Recipe Example: 

501st Legion: Blue Dye

212th Battalion: Orange Dye

104th Battalion: Grey Dye

Bad Batch: Black Dye Up and Red Dye Down

327th Star Corps: Brown Dye Up and Yellow Dye Down

Coruscant Guard: Red Dye

(Same Durability and Defense Values of a Soldier Armor)

(Repairable with Plastoid)

By putting each piece of armor on a Stonecutter we can get the different armor variants of each soldier of each Legion, including their ARC Trooper variants. You can dress up like your favorite soldier!!!

Coruscant Guard Soldier / Hound / Stone / Thorn / Thire / Fox

327th Star Corps Soldier / Bly / ARC Trooper

501st Legion Soldier / Appo / Jesse / Rex / ARC Trooper / Fives / Echo / Ahsoka’s Legion

104th Batallion Soldier / Comet / Boost / Sinker / Wolffe

Bad Batch Soldier / Hunter / Tech / Echo / Crosshair / Wrecker

212th Batallion Soldier / Cody / Barlex

(Same Durability and Defense Values of a Soldier Armor)

(Repairable with Plastoid)

To get the Ahsoka’s 501st Legion Helmet we need to put Orange Dye up and below a 501st Legion Helmet in the crafting table

In order to get Crosshair’s Imperial Armor we use the following crafts:

(Same Durability and Defense Values of a Soldier Armor)

(Repairable with Plastoid)

Fordo’s Armor:


In order to get his Phase 1.5 Helmet we use the Phase 1 Helmet in a Stonecutter and to get the Phase 2 Helmet we use the Phase 1.5 Helmet in the Stonecutter.

(Same Durability and Defense Values of a Soldier Armor)

(Repairables with Plastoid)

Using a Soldier ArmorGold NuggetsSand DyeBrown Dye, and Light Grey Dye as used in the recipes, we get the Jedi Temple Guard Armor

(Same Durability and Defense Values of a Soldier Armor)

(Repairables with Plastoid)

Using a Soldier Armor and Plastoid we get the Clone Commando Armor.

Helmet and Boots: Durability 350 and Defense 4

Chestplate and Leggings: Durability 450 and Defense 7

Clone Commando / Sev / Gregor / Scorch / Fixer / Boss

Using the next recipes is how we get the armor of each Clone Commando Soldier.

(Same Durability and Defense Values of a Clone Commando Armor)

(Repairable with Plastoid)

Imperial Armors

Stormtrooper / Scoutrooper / Sandtrooper / Shoretrooper / TIE Pilot / AT-AT Pilot / Snowtrooper

Using Plastoid and Reinforced Leather we get a Stormtrooper Armor

Boots and Helmet: Defense: 3, Durability 200

Chestplate and Leggings: Defense 6, Durability 250

(Same Durability and Defense Values for all Imperial Armors)

(All Imperial Armors are repairable with Plastoid)

By using the Stormtrooper Armor in a Stonecutter we get a Scout Trooper Armor

To get a Shoretrooper Armor we use the next recipes:

To get an AT-AT Pilot Armor we use the next recipes:

To get the Snowtrooper Armor we use the next recipes: 

(The Snowtrooper Helmet is obtained by putting a normal Stormtrooper Helmet in the Stonecutter)

To get the TIE Pilot Armor we put Black Dye up and below a Stormtrooper Armor in the crafting table. Same process for the Sandtrooper Armor, but with Sand Dye.

Guard Armors

Purge Trooper / Shadow Guard / Imperial Guard / Imperial Senate Guard

Using a Stormtrooper Armor along with Reinforced Leather and Redstone we get a Purge Trooper Armor

Boots and Helmet: Defense: 3, Durability 300

Chestplate and Leggings: Defense 6, Durability 350

(Repairable with Reinforced Leather)

Using a Stormtrooper Armor along with Reinforced Leather and Coal we get a Shadow Guard Armor

(Same Durability and Defense Values of a Purge Trooper Armor)

(Repairable with Reinforced Leather)

Using a Stormtrooper Armor along with Redstone and Redstone Blocks we get an Imperial Guard Armor

(Same Durability and Defense Values of a Purge Trooper Armor)

(Repairable with Reinforced Leather)



Big Forest Biome

Giant Trees, Shiny Plants, and Terrorific Enemies!!


They’ll be your friends unless you decide to hit one of them, then you should run for your life!! They also spawn in jungle biomes. (Crafteable Weapon)


A disgusting type of spider that will attack you each time you cross his path. 


Ugh! Another monster that will be trying to kill you day and night. Be careful with them!!

Albino Wyyschokk 

If you thought normal Wyyschokks were enough danger, well, you haven’t met their albino version. Bigger, Harder, Stronger!!

Flame Beetle

These guys will be flying around the whole Big Forest biome. They’ll drop either blaze rods or blaze powder if you kill them, but believe me, is extremely difficult. They may also attack you.


This plant will appear all along the biome emitting light 24/7

To get one of them you must make it grow first with Bone Dust, then you can break for it drop either its Petals or Glow Berries. You’ll need both to craft one Saava Plant. It can be planted either in Dirt or Grass.

Bogano Biome

The beautiful landscapes of Bogano, and also its dangers…

Bog Rat

They’ll attack you and everything on their path. They’re fast, so you’d better be prepared to fight them!!


These half spiders half crabs will attack you if you cross on their way. They definetely do not like humans, or villagers, or any kind of mobs!!


The King of the Bogano Biome. One of the strongest mobs of the whole Addon!! Are you ready to fight one of them??

Savanna Biome

A new and dangerous creature was added to this biome!!


A huge beast that will attack you without fear!! It may drop you a Rhino Egg you can trade with Jawas!!

Desert Biome 

New allies and enemies were added to this biome too!!


They’ll always with their Banthas, so if you want to tame one of this creatures you must deal with them first, be careful, they’re not easy enemies. (Crafteable Weapon)


A great partner if you’re looking for one!! but first, you’ll need to deal with the Tusken nearby. You can tame it with wheat seeds and you don’t need a saddle to ride it!! Although they aren’t really fast, you can save items on its inventory.


These big reptilians can take you wherever you want if you tame them using fish or salmon. You don’t need a saddle to ride them. They’re fast and also have an inventory!!


The greatest traders in the world. If you make one level up then it’ll give you incredible exchanges!!







LVL 6 

Blue Milk: Gives you Health Boost and Night Vision for 2 minutes!! Nutrition of 30 with supernatural saturation and removes any bad effect leaving the good ones only!! 


Mesa Biome

Now this biome spawns more frequently, usually near Big Forest biomes. New enemies are waiting for you here!!


These bad guys will attack you with rage. Be carefull with them!! (Crafteable Weapon)

Zabrak Archer

What a shot!! This type of Zabrak fires arrows quickly and precisely.


Powerful? Sure. You should start running? Definitely. They fire a lot of shulker bullets so be extremely careful!! If you achieve killing one of this girls she may drop you a Nightsister’s Essence item. It will give you Conduit Power, Fire Resistance, and Night Vision for 5 minutes!!!

Use a Nightsister’s Essence along with a Gold Block as a reagent to make a Zabrak Potion

It will give you Fire Resistance, Health Boost, Strength, and Resistance for 5 minutes!!

Bane Back Spider

Another disgusting spider in middle of the mesa biome. Oh and they’re aggresive too. Ugh!!!


The biggest and strongest creature of the addon!! If you find one you must run while you can!! Or if you’re brave enough you can fight one of them. If you defeat one it may drop his claw. Use a Rancor Claw to craft a Rancor Claw Sythe!! Just be carefull not to die a million times trying to face one of them.

Cold and Frozen Biomes


The terror made itself. This beast will attack you on cold and frozen biomes where it spawns!!

Almost all the creatures of the addon will drop either bones or Rare Raw Meat, which we can cook to get Cooked Rare Meat, this meat gives us a great nutrition when we eat it.

Forest Biomes


These little guys appear on forest biomes. Don’t trust them too much, as they’ll attack you if yo find them!!


There are new weapons added despite the lightsabers!! Most of them are used by creatures of the addon, while others are part of the Star Wars Universe.

Iron Rod Recipe:

Beskar Rod Recipe: 

Gaderffii: Used by Tuskens to kill their enemies.

Damage: 9 Durability: 1000

(Repairable with Iron)

Ryyk Blade: Used by Wookies to hunt their preys.

Damage: 7 Durability: 1000

(Repairable with Iron)

Force Pike: Usually used by Imperial Guards in the Star Wars Universe

Damage: 10 Durability: 1000

(Repairable with Iron)

Zabrak Mallet: The weapon of Zabraks

Damage: 11 Durability: 1000

(Repairable with Iron)

Stun Baton: Usually used by Imperial Troops

Damage: 12 Durability: 1000

(Repairable with Iron)

Electric Rod: Used by Purge Troopers

Damage: 15 Durability: 2100

(Repairable with Iron)

Electric Hammer: Used by Purge Troopers

Damage: 14 Durability: 2000

(Repairable with Iron)

Rancor Claw Sythe: If you kill a Rancor it may drop you a Rancor Claw needed for this weapon.

Damage: 18 Durability: 3000

(Repairable with another Rancor Claw)

Beskar Weapons

Mando’s Spear: The weapon seen on the TV Series “The Mandalorian”

Damage: 25 Durability: 10000

(Repairable with Beskar Scraps)

Beskad: An ancient weapon used by Mandalorian Clans

Damage: 20 Durability: 10000

(Repairable with Beskar Scraps)


Using 4 Plastoid Items, 4 Reinforced Leather Items, 4 Alloy Ingots, or 4 Beskar Ingots we can craft the Block Version of each one of them.

Alloy Blocks and Beskar Blocks are resistant to explotions!!

By using each of the blocks in a Stonecutter we can get all the variants below:


1. Star-wars-addon-jedi-legend-new resource pack

2. Star-wars-addon-jedi-legend-new behavior pack