Have you ever desired to recreate your Skibidi battle or witness unseen Skibidi fights from the original series? If so, this addon is tailored for you! The Skibidi Addon’s primary goal is to include every conceivable Skibidi character along with their unique behaviors.

Within this Addon, you’ll discover more than 30 Skibidi Characters to experiment with. Let’s begin by showcasing the majority of the Skibidi Characters available in this Add-on.

A Sneak Peek (Many More to Explore):

There are four different sizes of Skibidis that you can summon:

  1. Normal: Boasts 10 HP and deals 3 Damage.
  2. Medium: Comes with 37 HP and inflicts 5 Damage.
  3. Large: Possesses a hefty 80 HP and delivers a punishing 16 Damage.
  4. Very Large: Stands tall with an impressive 160 HP and deals a whopping 40 Damage.

Additionally, this Addon features Gman, Upgraded Gman, Cameraman Titan, Speakerman Titan, and TV Titan.

Also, there are Cameramen included:


1. Fitterzzgamers-skibidi-addon-v4