ID: 594

And not just Unicorns there’s Alacorns and Pegasus! Pegasuses?!? Pegasi?? Who knows!! They’re horses that have wings! What else could possibly matter. AND they come in a crazy variety of colors. With sparkling things going everywhere. Make sure you wear sunglasses.


There’s white or there’s purple or there’s…. That’s it. Unless someone has some ideas for other colors..? These guys run quite fast, jump quite high, and smash through just about anything. Tameable with emeralds. Drop a saddle on and go riding/smashing!


Winged horsey things. Jump CRAZY high. I mean that. If Minecraft had International Space Stations it would have International Space Stations with alacorns flying past the windows. That’s how high these bad boys jump. Tameable by riding them around. Put a saddle on and your life will never be the same.


More winged horsey things! These guys like to do their own thing, so don’t expect to be able to steer them. You can still jump on and go for a fly, just HANG ON TIGHT when they come in to attack some poor unfortunate, soon-to-be-quite-gone, mob.

Where to find them

Well, they’re sort of made for Creative mode. However! If you find a mooshroom island, chances are, if it’s very dark, you might might, find one of top of a red mushroom. You might not because I haven’t tested it!! Let me know what you find. Or don’t find.


1. Unicorn