Hello everyone, I’ve purchased the “Skibidi Toilet – Titan TV Man Add-on” for you today. This add-on features three different types of creatures, all inspired by the popular animated series “Ski Bidi Toilets.” For more details, please continue reading below.

About the animated series:
The Skibidi Toilet is a meme series that revolves around the conflict between Toilets (the antagonists) and Cameramen (the protagonists in most cases).

About Titan:
The Titan Cameraman is a formidable Titan designed to counter the Skibidi Toilets. It aligns with the Cameramen and Speakermen forces. This Titan possesses remarkable physical strength, capable of tasks like effortlessly crushing the Large Camouflage Skibidi Toilet, kicking a Giant Skibidi Toilet into a building, and even capturing and crushing a Spider Skibidi Toilet. The Titan plays a crucial role in the evolution of both Cameramen and Speakermen. It is later revealed to undergo upgrades in the series.

In Skibidi Toilet 20, the Titan Cameraman is seen defeating two Spider Skibidi Toilets effortlessly before confronting the G-Man Skibidi Toilet, who starts using his laser eyes against Titan Cameraman’s core. To protect himself, the Titan Cameraman deploys a shield from his back to block the laser beams. Unfortunately, the Giant Rocket Skibidi Toilet intervenes, colliding with the shield, causing it to shatter along with Titan Cameraman’s left forearm. This leaves Titan Cameraman vulnerable to the laser beams. With his core damaged, he uses his jetpacks to retreat to the base for repairs and upgrades.

In Skibidi Toilet 50, Titan Cameraman reappears after 27 episodes when the Cameramen’s base comes under attack. The upgraded Titan swiftly dispatches the attacking toilets and then departs, heading towards an undisclosed destination, possibly on a mission to save the Infected Titan Speakerman from the parasite and to confront G-Man Skibidi Toilet.



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