When observing fellow players, your view is mostly limited to their skin and name tag. This resource pack seeks to enhance the information available about both yourself and others, even when they are at a distance. It offers features like an armor heads-up display (HUD), a speed counter, offhand item slots, a health indicator, a bow charge indicator, a chunk border display, an item eating progress display, and hitboxes. Furthermore, there are 13 different configuration options for you to select from.

The Utility HUD package includes 13 subpacks to provide maximum customization. To switch between these subpacks, navigate to the global resources section, click on the gear icon located in the bottom right corner of the pack, and adjust the slider to your preferences. If you are playing on version 1.16.40 or older, you must opt for a subpack that does not enable chunk borders.

The velocity display is positioned at the top right corner of the screen. As the name implies, it tracks your current speed and considers vertical velocity as well. For instance, if you are falling, it will show the rate at which you descend in blocks per second.

While consuming a food item, the HUD displays the percentage of progress you’ve made in the eating process. Please note that this feature may not function on The Hive server due to differences in how their server sends data to clients compared to other servers.

Any equipped armor is visible both in your HUD and above the player’s head. Additionally, enchanted armor sets are distinguishable.


1. Utility hud by ambient