yFarm Craft Addon

ID: 522

There are different types of players. There are mine-carters who love adventure and constant trekking in the caves, and the rest prefer to create homes and decorate the territory. But both will love the yFarm Craft addon!

Thanks to this addition, the player will have the opportunity to breed improved and new mobs in the game. In the game there will be ducks, partridges and other animals. And the standard inhabitants will gain a more elaborate appearance. But the author did not stop there and added new blocks and other items to the game.

Addon Features:
Fashion will add new animals:
Guinea fowl
As we have already noted, standard animals will also take on a new look!
The addon will add new blocks that will be useful to the player:
-Nest: spawn next to the hens.
-Scarecrows: needed in order to drive away new mobs from crops.
-Nest Boxes: there hens will lay eggs faster.
-Wheat trough: mobs are eaten from it.
-Apple Baskets: a beautiful decoration. There are apples.



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