This is the first version of my 3D Squid Game Addon. In this addon you gonna see Uniforms exemples : Player Clothings, Manager Guard Uniform, Soldier Guard Uniform with or without the Body cam, Worker Uniform with the cooking apron or without. And I have add a GUI with all Squid Game soundboard that you can use for a map or a rp but for the moment the soundboard are in french ! I let you see that in your world and with the images below.I remind I am french so I apologize for the errors of grammar. I hope you gonna like my pack and if there are bugs or you want to change something or you have ideas do not hesitate to let me know !

You can see in the images below, a taste before you download the pack. You can see In Game screenshots of clothings ! We have the Worker, Manager, Soldier and Player. Will you be able to recognize places and references ?

Basic Worker :

Chef Worker :

Soldier with Body Cam :

Manager :

Player Number 000 :


1. 3d-squid-game-v1