99% X-Ray

ID: 20482

You’ve seen the X-Ray packs on this website. Yes, they’re really good, and have been made really well, but none of them have this extremely useful, feature: Gravel is opaque.

A lot of people use X-ray in this game, but there is one big downside to all of them: Gravel.  The annoying block everyone runs into while mining. This block is the epitome of causing frustration, and will ruin your day every time you try to mine. No one enjoys running into it while looking for diamonds. And it’s even worse here in bedrock edition as gravel is more common, only increasing the chances of it intercepting you while you’re mining towards that fancy diamond ore. That is why this pack keeps gravel visible to stop you from running into it.

This resource pack still allows you to find diamonds and other ores very efficiently, while removing the hassle of punching the one thing that slows you down. Beautiful, isn’t it? One minor inconvenience, which occurs in all packs and is hard to fix, is that night vision is a necessity if you want a bright experience, but turning off smooth lighting and blasting your brightness in game and in your output device should do the trick. At least it does for me.

The pack with smooth lighting off and night vision off

The pack with smooth lighting off and night vision on:

The gravel does not really get into the way at all and is still 1000x faster and more efficient than regularly strip mining, and is even better than other X-Ray packs, as the gravel really slows you down, and is a massive time waster.

A very good positive to this pack is that you can activate it without using cheats in your world. Another great advantage is that you can see lava, helping you to limit the chances of dying and losing your items.

What else? All types of cobblestone is opaque, meaning you can also use this pack to find dungeons, and if you’re really lucky, even the stronghold, as stone bricks is also opaque. It’s the little things that count in a pack like this, and that’s what makes it unlike any other X-Ray pack on this platform.


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