Actual Guns CSO: Lite Edition V1.2.1 – Revamp & Trading [HOTFIX]

ID: 20106

id you ever want AG:CSO to have a Lite version that can run on anything? no lag? no skins? just a few weapons and such? then your dream has come true! play around with less weapons and even exclusive ones made from the community!

The weapons in V1.2:

More weapons will come depending on the feedback I get and playtesting. There are also exclusive weapons once again, so lets show them to you!

What an “AWSM” gun. Made by Java!

Magnum M1917 by Cuban!

I know. You did not expect to see a Makarov in a million years in AG, but here it is!

Scout’s big brother is back, for like the 3rd time?!

Rhogun by Cuban!


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