For now there are crew members and impostors of ten different colors, when a crew member dies he will leave his body.


  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • White
  • Dark Green
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Cian
  • Brown
  • A crewman can be tamed with a bone. You can make him follow you, defend you from enemies and leave them sitting.
  • Impostors are aggressive and will bind the player and the crew.

Skins 4D:

You can get as a skin a crew member of Among Us, you can get it from creative in the armor section.

  1. The skins are placed in the head slot.
  2. Caps and baby crew are placed in the chest slot.
  3. The suits are placed in the pant slot.

You can get the survival crew skin using this recipe:

If you want to add color, place the crew member on the stone cutter and select a crew member of one color.

To make the hats you need an iron tongue and to use the stone cutter, for the suits you need a gold tongue.


You can also have a pet from Among Us, at the moment there are only five pets.

  1. Henry Stickman
  2. Ellie
  3. Blue Dog.
  4. Wall-e
  5. Brainslug
  6. Crab

Cartoon TexturePack (Among Us Original Texture)

You can choose the texturepack that shows the captures or you have the options to use the animated version similar to the original game of Among Us.

If you want to use the cartoon texture you do not need to install the original texturepack of the addon.

Crewmaste Mob

It also adds crew members that look similar to the Minecraft mobs so that each crew member contains 6 mobs so far.

  • Crewmate Creeper.
  • Crewmate Zombie.
  • Crewmate Hoglin.
  • Crewmate Villager.
  • Crewmate Warden.
  • Crewmate Enderman.

Crewmates Piglin have the same behaviors as a piglin so they will become Crewmates Zoglins when they are in the normal world.


1. Among-us-texturepack