Bored of the classic Minecraft adventures, this addon adds more than 10 new minerals and more than 220 items, in addition to new variants of the classic mobs such as the creeper or the skeleton. Welcome to AstroMagicPe

Venture into a new experience with this addon, test your ability to obtain minerals and get more than 220 new items, face a new variation of the classic mobs like the mini creeper, reach the stars. Welcome to AstroMagicPe.

addon creation history

I was bored of the expansion addons that exist and I decided to create my own addon from old textures from an old pc mod, this addon is not very different from the others, except that it was created in a different way than the others, it was created from the textures of an old pc mod and from 0 with the information files through a file explorer on a mobile device


This addon adds more than 220 items and 11 new minerals, in addition to new variants of classic mobs, more than 2000 lines of modification to the player’s JSON file and the opportunity to transform yourself with a potion into a vampire, werewolf and many more entities. 

Press the icon “?” in the inventory or the button “how to play” in the options menu to see the custom menu of the addon, that explains the majority of the addon and its functions and commands

New ores (these can normally appear in caves)

-Uranium ore

-Steel ore

-Silver ore

-Sapphire ore

-Ruby ore

-Prismarine ore

-Ordinary Jewel

-Dark Jewel

-Dragon ore

-Bronze ore

-Amethyst ore

Enable experimental gameplay!

If you are installing on a pre-existing world to find new ores you have to explore new lands.

The new ores wont spawn in 1.16 due to the 1.16 custom blocks bug by mojang, for a better experience in the addon, I recommend playing in version 1.14.

I will be constantly updating the addon and adding more items and blocks to the addon, I also listen to them so any ideas to implement in the addon will be heard and probably implemented.

Report bugs!

Sorry for my bad english since i’m using google translator.


1. Astromagicpe-addon-by-mekp