Backpacks Add-on

ID: 19888

This is the first add-on for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition to implement fully working backpacks to the game. They are essentially a mobile chest which you can wear on your back while traveling around in your world. It’s great if you are out on an adventure and need somewhere to offload your blocks and items. It’s easy to wear and also easy to take off in case you need to access the storage space easily. It’s definitely a must have for all the survivors out there!

To get a backpack you’ll need to craft one. You can also dye them.Crafting recipes are listed below. To spawn a backpack long tap on the ground with the item 

Dye a backpack by clicking on it with a dye (can be redyed)

To lock a backpack place a tripwire hook in the 1st slot. This will prevent players from stealing your items.

Claim a backpack with a chest. (Make sure you don’t lock it if you haven’t claimed the backpack) this will unlock it’s inventory thus allowing you to store items in it.


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