Ben 10 Addon

ID: 26964

Experience a Realistic Ben 10 Addon for MCPE/MCBE. By installing this Addon, you can acquire the Omnitrix within your Minecraft world and assume the form of your preferred alien character. Expect future updates to bring additional alien options to enhance your gameplay.

Getting started

Upon loading a world for the first time with this addon, as you enter the world and begin to move, the Omnitrix Capsule will descend from the sky.

Click on the Omnitrix inside the capsule to get it.

Omnitrix in first & third person view :

Omnitrix system

To start the Omnitrix hold the omnitrix dial like item and click anywhere.

You can click anywhere to switch to a different alien. Realistic animations are included, such as the Omnitrix dial rotating during the alien transformation.

Hold Omnitrix dial like item and sit, then stand to transform into the selected alien.



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