Ben 10, the Earth’s guardian, has made his way into the world of Minecraft through this add-on. Benjamin Tennyson, alongside his cousin Gwen Tennyson and their grandpa Maxwell Tennyson, is fated to possess the Omnitrix. With this remarkable device now in his possession, Ben has the ability to transform into various aliens, enabling him to combat monsters and villains. However, Ben cannot safeguard the Minecraft world alone; he relies on Gwen’s magical abilities and Grandpa Max’s combat expertise and weaponry. Ben’s adversaries also possess extraordinary powers, akin to those of Ben and his companions. Nevertheless, our hero, Ben, is determined not to let them triumph and take control of the Minecraft world. So, why wait any longer? Explore how Ben and his allies utilize their powers and skills to overcome formidable foes in the Minecraft universe.

Features of this Add-on:

Benjamin Tennyson is the young individual capable of utilizing the omnitrix to combat his adversaries. Upon his initial appearance or summoning, Ben doesn’t possess the omnitrix. You need to position the omnitrix close to him so that he can acquire it and employ it for transformations.

  • Possesses a unique spawn egg
  • Doesn’t override any existing in-game entities
  • Summon with the command: /summon ben10:ben10
  • Has a health pool of 60 points
  • Capable of engaging in melee combat
  • Inflicts 4 points of damage with melee attacks
  • Targets hostile monsters
  • Can acquire the Omnitrix when it detects it nearby
  • If it possesses the Omnitrix, it will drop it upon death.

Как создать Бена с Омнитриксом?

Чтобы Бен мог использовать Омнитрикс, просто поместите его поблизости, чтобы он мог взять его и использовать для превращения в пришельцев. Омнитрикс можно найти в разделе “яйца возрождения”.


1. Ben10-add-on-v4-lite-version


2. Ben10-add-on-v4-full-version