Black TNT Run 2 is an intensely fun parkour and minigame map. There are 10 different levels and in each one you must get to the other side of the room by jumping on pressure plates. Every time you step on a block you got less than a second to make a decision of where to jump next. This map was created for single player use but it could be used in multiplayer as well but then it’s much more difficult to complete.

How to play?

The main thing which you need to know about this map is that you can never stay on one block for too long. Once you step on a pressure plate it takes no more than a second before the block beneath you is gone.

This creates an intense map where you constantly need to be on the move in order to complete a level.


  • Don’t break / place any blocks
  • Play on peaceful
  • Set gamemode to survival


1. Black-tnt-run-2